Water Sourcing and Water Security Planning

Central Alberta

Clear Environmental was contracted to complete a water sourcing and water security assessment within Central Alberta. Water access can be limited in this region due to competition from other producers and a lack of suitable freshwater sources.  The project was completed in support of an oil and gas development project which will be conducted over the next five to ten year period.

The Challenge

As constraints on water supplies and water competition become more and more prevalent the need to understand and address water allocations, usage, pricing, and other factors which may influence water usage has never been more critical.

As is the case with other industries, unconventional oil and gas producers need to find ways to acclimate to new regulatory policies and build redundancy into their water management programs.  Understanding water risk and how environmental, social, and regulatory considerations can influence water security is critical to any long-term water management strategy.

The Objective

The objective of the program was first to scout and evaluate water security options available within the region to determine if the operator would be able to economically source water both in the near term and moving-forward and to  consider the potential for increased competition for water access and regulatory uncertainty.  The second objective was to assess, source and secure long-term water access.

The Result

Clear Environmental provided a comprehensive water sourcing and security program which formed the basis of the client’s corporate water management strategy.  Program included the following:

  • Water source availability and options
  • Water transmission and storage evaluation
  • Frac-flowback management options (i.e. handling, recycling and disposal)
  • Assessment of regulatory obstacles and opportunities
  • Existing watershed allocations and water demand forecasting
  • Watershed characteristics evaluation
  • Impact assessment
  • Fish and fish habitat assessments
  • Residual impacts and mitigation recommendations
  • Alternative source assessment (i.e. saline or produced water)
  • Water licencing recommendations (including eventual licence applications)

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