Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Central Alberta

The Challenge

Clear was consulted to assess the environmental liability associated with an oil and gas property in Central Alberta and to provide recommendations regarding any additional environmental assessment requirements. The initial review of the documentation identified that key portions of environmental historical information were either incomplete or missing as a result of multiple property ownership changes.

The Objective

To obtain the sufficient documentation in order to determine the likelihood of the presence of contamination based on Phase 1 ESA criteria.

The Result

Clear Environmental’s remediation and reclamation team identified the information gaps and successfully located the missing information.  This critical data was accessed through Clear Environmental’s database of environmental reports, which contains information dating back to the mid-1990’s.  Once the historical reporting had been obtained and reviewed, our technical group was able to identify the actual and potential sources of contamination which may have resulted from previous land use, construction, or operational activities.  Based on the findings of the assessment, it was determined that a Phase 2 ESA would not be required; eliminating a substantial investment in both expenditure and time. Ultimately, a reclamation certificate was obtained for this site using the findings of the Phase 1 ESA.

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