Environmental Planning

Tailored environmental planning solutions that get results

Clear Environmental offers environmental management and technical services to support our clientele through the conception, planning, approvals and licensing phases of new projects and developments.  These same environmental services extend into the operational stages of your project and through to site closure.


Drawing from a talented group of technical professionals, we provide client focused solutions and advice on how to make informed decisions related to the environmental approvals process associated with your project.

Environmental Planning Services Include:

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Environmental Planning Services

  • Pre-Site & Pre-Disturbance Assessments (PDA)
  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Formal Disposition Management Process (formerly EAP)
  • Supplement for the Public Land Application (formerly EFR)
  • Sensitive Species and Species at Risk (SAR) Assessments
  • Waterbody and Wetland Delineation Assessments
  • Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT) Reporting and Review
  • Code of Practice Crossing Inspections and Approvals
  • Oilsands Exploration Planning and Approvals
  • Timber Salvage Assessments
  • Wildlife Surveys and Mitigation
  • Wetland Assessment and Conservation
  • Rare Plant and Weed Surveys
  • Indian Oil and Gas (IOGC) Audits
  • Water Act Applications
  • Environmental Liability Assessments
  • Water Well Testing
  • Gas Migration Testing
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Technical Services

  • Regulatory Policy Interpretation and Strategy
  • Waste and Water Resources Management Programming
  • Environmental Strategy Assessments
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Data Management Services – SiteView / WellCore / Wellview
  • Project Cost Management and Tracking
  • Regulatory Audit Response Preparation
  • AER DDS / OGC E-Pass / ME IRIS Reporting Submissions

Additional Services

  • Water Well Testing
  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Line Locating
  • Pre-Acquisition Environmental Assessments
  • Pre and Post-Drilling Environmental Assessments
  • Custom Chemical Solutions (Drilling, Completions, Production, Transmission, etc.)
  • Oilsands Environmental Management
  • Regulatory Applications and Approvals
  • Freshwater Storage Pit Planning and Design
  • Wildlife and Vegetation Assessments
  • Surface Water Management and Disposal
  • Weed Prevention and Control

Request an Environmental Report

Clear Environmental Solutions has access to an extensive database of environmental reports which may pertain to your project. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information on Clear’s environmental report database.