Pre-Acquisition Assessment

Central Alberta

The Challenge

Clear Environmental was contracted to conduct a pre-acquisition liability assessment on behalf of a client pursuing acquisition of an oil and gas field within Central Alberta. Our team was limited to less than two weeks to complete this liability assessment, which included hundreds of individual well sites, all associated pipelines, as well as multiple major facilities.

The Objective

To provide our client with an overview of the expected environmental liability associated with properties by completing a high-level liability assessment, as well as an in-depth assessment at selected sites based on assigned liability ratings.

The Result

The pre-acquisition liability assessment was conducted within the two week timeframe, and was completed within budget. The final assessment report graded the potential liability associated with each wellsite, pipeline and facility located within the property, and was a valuable resource to our client during the transaction. During the two week period, Clear Environmental’s technical team put over 300 man-hours into the project; demonstrating our ability to manage large scale projects where required.

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Services Included

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