Spill and Emergency Response

Providing emergency response support throughout Western Canada

In emergency response situations contact Clear Environmental at 403-263-5953

With on-call support available 24/7 and a readily available team of specialists strategically located throughout Western Canada, Clear Environmental Solutions is able to provide rapid emergency response ensuring proper management of spills and site emergencies. Clear Environmental’s multi-disciplinary team of environmental professionals will ensure your emergency situations are controlled systematically and effectually.


By engaging Clear Environmental as a part of your spill or emergency response procedure, you are dispatching environmental specialists to be first on the scene – assuring that initial containment and recovery is managed correctly, and the overall effect to public safety and the surrounding ecosystems is mitigated.


Clear has developed and maintains strong relationships with the various regulatory agencies who oversee emergency response situations.  Through proactive and ongoing interaction with these regulators, we are able to provide an added level of assurance that emergency response operations are administered appropriately.


While cost is not always the foremost consideration during emergency situations, Clear Environmental’s team will continuously look for innovative and cost effective remedial solutions to limit the overall cost exposure to our clientele.

Spill and Emergency Response Services Include:

Asset 5

General Emergency Response

  • Notification and Communication with Regulatory Agencies, Impacted Third Parties and Stakeholders (Regulatory Liaison)
  • Source Identification, Isolation and Containment
  • Preliminary Delineation and Assessment
  • Contaminant Sampling, Analysis, Characterization and Modelling
  • Release Recovery, Cleanup and Disposal Supervision
  • Confirmatory Sampling and Site Closure
  • Data Collection, Interpretation and Associated Reporting
  • Regulatory Report Preparation and Submission (Including All Follow-up)
Asset 6

Full Services Emergency Response Project Management

  • In-house Project Management and Technical Services
  • Vendor Qualification and Management
  • Financial Tracking and Cost Control
  • Disposal Facility Sourcing and Management

Additional Services

  • Water Well Testing
  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Line Locating
  • Pre-Acquisition Environmental Assessments
  • Pre and Post-Drilling Environmental Assessments
  • Custom Chemical Solutions (Drilling, Completions, Production, Transmission, etc.)
  • Oilsands Environmental Management
  • Regulatory Applications and Approvals
  • Freshwater Storage Pit Planning and Design
  • Wildlife and Vegetation Assessments
  • Surface Water Management and Disposal
  • Weed Prevention and Control

Request an Environmental Report

Clear Environmental Solutions has access to an extensive database of environmental reports which may pertain to your project. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information on Clear’s environmental report database.