Custom Chemical Treatment Solution

Northeast British Columbia

The Challenge

Clear Environmental was contracted to assess, characterize, and treat approximately 90,000m³ of frac-flowback water, which was considered unsuitable for reuse due to the concentration of suspended solids, hydrogen sulphide, and iron; which all exceeded reuse specifications. Conventional disposal options were evaluated and the expected cost was well into the millions

The Objective

To develop a custom chemical treatment program for the frac-flowback water which would result in the ability to reuse the material for future hydraulic fracturing operations.

The Result

The frac-flowback water was examined by our in-house chemists who then developed a custom (but simple) chemical treatment solution. Based on the understanding that bench scale testing does not always translate into successful field implementation, our chemists were deployed to the field to oversee the operation. This provided Clear Environmental with the ability to modify the treatment process at the field level as required. The onsite chemists also provided real-time troubleshooting as the treatment was administered. By approaching the treatment with a hands-on management strategy, we successfully treated the frac-flowback to our client’s specifications needed for reuse.

The successful treatment meant the significant disposal costs were avoided, as well as the costs associated with the sourcing another 90,000m³ of fluid which would have been otherwise required for the hydraulic fracturing project.

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