Drilling Waste Management

We specialize in providing innovative waste management solutions

Drilling Waste Management has been one of Clear Environmental Solutions’ foundational service lines since the company’s inception in 2004.  Our team of qualified specialists provide a full range of ‘cradle-to-grave’ Drilling Waste Management services, for both conventional drilling and unconventional applications.


Specifically tailored to meet the needs and objectives of our clientele, our custom Drilling Waste Management solutions are aimed to ensure a high level of regulatory compliance while always maintaining an emphasis on overall cost efficiency.

Drilling Waste Management Services Include:

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Key Services

  • Sump Suitability Assessments
  • Sump Sampling
  • Landspray While Drilling (LWD)
  • Landspray After Drilling (LAD)
  • Mix-Bury-Cover (MBC) & Residual Solids Disposal (RSD)
  • Landspreading (LS)
  • Pump-Off (PO)
  • Disposal on Forested Public Lands Management (DFPL)
  • Facility / Landfill Disposal Management and Planning
  • Cement Returns Management
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Waste Management/Disposal
  • Special Regulatory Approvals – Alternative Waste Management
  • Waste Treatment, Recycling and Reutilization
  • Hazardous Waste Registration and Management
  • Drilling Waste Audits
  • AER Digital Data Submissions (DDS)
  • OGC Submissions (ePASS, eSubmissions, Kermit)
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy Submissions (IRIS)

Additional Services

  • Water Well Testing
  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Line Locating
  • Pre-Acquisition Environmental Assessments
  • Pre and Post-Drilling Environmental Assessments
  • Custom Chemical Solutions (Drilling, Completions, Production, Transmission, etc.)
  • Oilsands Environmental Management
  • Regulatory Applications and Approvals
  • Freshwater Storage Pit Planning and Design
  • Wildlife and Vegetation Assessments
  • Surface Water Management and Disposal
  • Weed Prevention and Control

Request an Environmental Report

Clear Environmental Solutions has access to an extensive database of environmental reports which may pertain to your project. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information on Clear’s environmental report database.