Water Transmission

Providing comprehensive water management solutions to meet complex needs

With ever increasing regulatory scrutiny on water resources, and the increased competition for water access, operators must utilize innovative water management strategies to remain competitive.  Clear Environmental’s Full-Cycle approach to water management will ensure your project is expertly, and cost effectively managed from conception through diversion, transmission, storage, usage, disposal and final reporting.

By combining our regulatory and technical proficiencies with the physical transfer and storage of water, Clear Environmental is uniquely positioned within the water management service sector. Not only can Clear Environmental effectively manage your water transmission and distribution project, our cross-trained environmental professionals will do so in a manner that assures regulatory compliance from start to finish – it is this differentiation that sets us apart from our competition.

Water Transmission Services Include:

Asset 8

Water Sourcing and Pre-Development

  • Pre-Development Water Management Planning
  • Water Source Identification and Field Scouting
  • Temporary and Long-term Diversion Licence Applications
  • Temporary Surface Water Pipeline Applications
  • Water Transfer System and Equipment Design
  • Regulatory and Stakeholder Consultations
  • Private and Crown Land Usage Authorizations
  • Biological, Hydrological, and Hydrogeological Assessments
Asset 7

Regulatory Services

  • Water Act licence compliance management
  • Water sourcing and water security assessment
  • In-stream flow measurements and monitoring
  • Water benchmarking and level monitoring
  • Water diversion tracking and data collection
  • Water use report preparation
  • Regulatory reporting (i.e. AER D59, AER WURS, EPEA, Section 8, ECON, SK WSA, DFO)
  • Freshwater Storage Pit Planning and Design
Asset 3

Field Services

  • Water transmission and frac-support services
  • Heating and tank lid solutions
  • Custom chemical treatment solutions
  • Surface water management and site dewatering
  • Water recycling and reuse
  • Process/frac-water treatment and disposal
  • Frac-water transfer cost efficiency management (i.e. pipeline, trucking, recycling)
  • Frac-flowback disposal management (i.e. reuse, recycling and sharing opportunities)
  • Groundwater evaluation and testing services
  • Frac chemical supply and delivery (i.e. KCl, Acids, etc.)

Additional Services

  • Water Well Testing
  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Line Locating
  • Pre-Acquisition Environmental Assessments
  • Pre and Post-Drilling Environmental Assessments
  • Custom Chemical Solutions (Drilling, Completions, Production, Transmission, etc.)
  • Oilsands Environmental Management
  • Regulatory Applications and Approvals
  • Freshwater Storage Pit Planning and Design
  • Wildlife and Vegetation Assessments
  • Surface Water Management and Disposal
  • Weed Prevention and Control

Request an Environmental Report

Clear Environmental Solutions has access to an extensive database of environmental reports which may pertain to your project. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information on Clear’s environmental report database.